Residential Homes


The following housing types are used by REALTORS® to classify properties listed for sale. These designations can help you narrow your search for your ideal property.
Although REALTORS® make every effort to classify each property accurately, keep in mind that some properties may be more difficult to classify than others.
A Residential property is one where the homeowner owns a dwelling unit (both the interior and exterior) and the block of land upon which the dwelling is located. Condominiums and commercial properties are excluded from this category.
Condominiums are a form of housing where the owner owns only the unit in which he or she lives – from the interior walls inward, generally – as well as a share in the common areas of the property. All condominiums must be registered as a corporation with the province. This category also includes housing co-operatives and could also include timeshares and life leases.

Property Style
A single dwelling unit standing alone, sepearately titled.
Row Unit
One dwelling unit of a group of three or more attached, self-contained dwelling units of similar design and size, where each unit is separately titled. (commonly known as townhouses)
Semi- Detached
One of a pair of self-contained dwelling units, often of mirror image design, attached by a common wall but detached from other buildings: titled separately.
One unit of a complex of self-contained units lying within a low-, mid- or high-rise building, offering common areas such as hallways, parking lots, stairwells, etc.


Property Style
One Level
A single family dwelling all on one level
1 1/2 Storey
A single family dwelling with 2 levels above grade, where the upper level is full height at the centre peak but dramatically slopes to a shorter height along the outer walls
2 Storey
A single family dwelling with 2 levels above grade.
3 Storey
A single family dwelling with 3 levels above grade.
Bungalow (BUNGALOW)
A single family dwelling with 1 level above grade.
Double Side by Side (DBL-SXS)
A building which consists of two dwelling units beside one another, is under single ownership and looks like a semi-detached.
Duplex- Up/Down (DUP-UD)
A building which consists of two dwelling units, one above the other, under single ownership.
Hi Ranch
A single family dwelling with 1 level above grade and the basement level elevated partially above grade: its entry is located halfway between the basement level and main level.
Link Home
A single family dwelling which is linked underground to another home by either a concrete wall or a steel rod connecting two foundations: may be one or more levels.
A trailer or other moveable structure that is used as a permanent structure, usually connected to utilities: may or may not have a permanent foundation. Land might be leased.
Split Level
A single family dwelling with multiple levels above grade, separated by small flights of stairs.
Any other dwelling type not detailed herein.